* National Geographic Emerging Explorer, class of 2017

* National Geographic Learning / Cengage. Global middle school curriculum, "Flight" unit. Contributor (2016)

* National Geographic Learning / Cengage. Keynote speaker (2016)

* National Geographic Kids. "Dinosaur Color" by Zac Petit. Interviewee (2014)

* Volunteer. Florida Aquarium: National Fossil Day (2016); Yale Peabody

  Museum: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Days, Paleo-Knowledge Bowl

  (2007–2010); California State Capital: Science Days (2007)

* San Francisco Chronicle. "Chronicles in Education: Bones to Birds,

  The New Science of Dinosaurs." Contributor (2005)



* "The Art of Archaeopteryx" traveling exhibit. Contributor, consultant (2015)

* Garden of the Gods Visitor Center. "Theiophytalia kerri." Consultant (2014)

* Lawrence Hall of Science. "Big Dinos Return." Contributor (2005)​



* Digital Dinosaurs class featured on FOX 13: link

* National Geographic Channel. TBD film. Consultant (2016)

* National Geographic Channel. "T. rex Autopsy." Consultant (2015)

* Discovery / Science Channel. "The Dinosaur Feather Mystery." Contributor (2004)



* Lindgren et al 2015, Scientific Reports  pdf

press releases: EurekAlert!, Brown University: "Pigments, organelles persist in fossil feathers"

articles: Forbes,  IFLScience!,  NBC NewsredOrbit,  Science Update radio / AAAS,  Tech Times,  Vice / Motherboard,  Der Standard (Austria),  Yahoo! News (Canada),  Gazeta Wyborcza (Poland),  VladTime (Russia), Europa Press (Spain)

* Carney et al 2012, Nature Communications  pdf

press releases: EurekAlert!, Brown: "Winged dinosaur Archaeopteryx dressed for flight"

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