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National Geographic Magazine, May 2018

Berlin specimen of Archaeopteryx at the Museum für Naturkunde

National Geographic Explorers Symposium. Photo by Ford Cochran.

Warped Tour, Seattle

Eastern White Ash, chameleon car paint, mother-of-pearl inlay, EMG pickups

XROMM facility, Brown University

pencil sketch of Archaeopteryx

Carl Zimmer: Archaeopteryx, The Embargoed Tattoo:

Theobroma cacao (chocolate). The first pod harvested from my cacao trees, grown from beans given by the indigenous Guna people (San Blas Islands, Caribbean). The scientific name translates to “food of the gods,” and beans were used as currency by the ancient Mayans and Aztecs. Panels: pod with vanilla orchid vine; white pulp around the beans (fermented to make chocolate); cacao in 3 forms: bean, cocoa, refined chocolate. 1 pod = ~25 beans = ~1 chocolate bar

Tenodera and Passiflora (colored pencil, age 16)

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