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free artificial intelligence apps to fill global surveillance gaps

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...for citizen scientists and mosquito control personnel.

Species ID currently focused on the invasive urban malaria vector, Anopheles stephensi

Please note that these AI tools are beta versions in early development.

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identifies whether Anopheles stephensi or not


identifies whether unfed, fed, semi-gravid, or gravid (any species)

60X lens.jpg

larval photos require use of a 60X clip-on lens (at right; see also tip sheet below):

*results from any other camera/microscope images should be considered unreliable


identifies whether Anopheles stephensi or not (i.e., An. arabiensis, An. funestusAn. gambiae s.s.other species are invalid, for now)


identifies the anatomy: head, thorax, abdomen, and terminal end

(any species)

Resources and Links

  • demonstration + presentation:  YouTube


Related Publications

Integrating global citizen science platforms to enable next-generation surveillance of invasive and vector mosquitoes  pdf + SI

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A framework based on deep neural networks to extract anatomy of mosquitoes from images  pdf

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Automating the surveillance of mosquito vectors from trapped specimens using computer vision techniques  pdf

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Patents Pending

Carney RM, Chellappan S, Morris PJR, Azam F, Rivera K, & Byuiyan T. SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR CLASSIFYING MOSQUITO LARVAE BASED ON EXTRACTED MASKS OF ANATOMICAL COMPONENTS FROM IMAGES. US 63/140,505; PCT/US22/17089; USF 20A055. International patent application filed 2022-02-18.​


Chellappan S, Minakshi M, Bharti P, & Carney RM. SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR CLASSIFYING MOSQUITOES BASED ON EXTRACTED MASKS OF ANATOMICAL COMPONENTS FROM IMAGES. US 17/462,809; USF 21A015US. Full patent application filed 2021-08-31.

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